Partner Solutions

The Academy is delighted to introduce Partner Solutions for COVID-19—a compendium of the “best of” resources and offerings from Academy Industry members that are specifically designed to support COVID-19 response and recovery.

EMR Solutions

  • Central LogicCOVID Analytics for Epic: Full visibility to COVID-19 goes well beyond admitted patients in an EMR. Extend Epic with complete, real-time access & orchestration analytics.
  • LumerisCOVID-19 Predictive Analytics: Use free, open source COVID-19 predictive models to identify, stratify and prioritize outreach/resources for patients most at risk for hospitalization.
  • Iodine Software – SmartList: Leveraging machine learning capabilities, SmartList prioritizes the top cases that have the highest opportunity for documentation improvement by considering the entire scope of the clinical record, patient experience and physician intervention. On average, clients experience a 75% increase in query volume and 94% of clients see an MCC capture lift averaging 4.3% points.
  • Iodine SoftwareForecast:  Leveraging Iodine’s unique machine learning capabilities and approach, Forecast can identify likely COVID-19 patients and predict the DRG for recently discharged but not final-coded cases.
  • LeanTaaSElective Surgery Backlog Recovery Calculator: Gives hospitals the ability to model the length of time it will take the organization to complete the backlog of procedures postponed during a crisis. Users complete fields such as OR metrics pre-COVID-19, expected dates when OR capacity will return, and levers to accommodate surge volume and lost volume considerations. The tool then estimates how many months it will take to recover the surgery case backlog and predicts additional cases per month required.
  • Nuance Communications, Inc. – Nuance is moving quickly to innovate for and with our customers to build solutions based on an array of requests for help, including Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) for telehealth, free licenses for Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile and added support for a variety of services and solutions. Click here to learn more.
  • SukiCovid-19 and Telemedicine: documentation templates.  Suki is an AI-powered digital assistant that helps providers with administrative tasks, such as clinical documentation.  Suki comes with Covid-19 and telemedicine templates to speed up documentation for these encounters, and is free for all frontline providers treating Covid-19.
  • RxRevuSwiftRx Direct – Real-Time Prescription Benefit Solution: An EHR-embedded plug-in that brings patient-specific coverage and cost information to the prescribing workflow, allowing clinical staff to see flags that help them avoid prior authorizations, pharmacy callbacks, and various other restrictions. Driving efficiencies at the point-of-care gives providers more time to care for patients and reduced downstream administrative work.  The technology can be implemented in under 10 IT hours and comes at no cost to the health system. 

Financial Solutions

  • Cedar – COVID-19 In-App Messaging: Patient billing is one of the few patient-provider touchpoints beyond the point of care. On our paper statements and in our patient web app, we are including messaging that guides patients toward educational resources regarding COVID-19. 
  • Cedar – Flexible Payment Plans: To help patients better manage their financial responsibility during this challenging time, we are offering payment plans with delayed start dates, extended durations and reduced balance thresholds. 
  • Cedar – Compassionate Dunning: Many Americans are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, and we are working with providers to implement extended dunning and payment due dates as well as decreasing billing communication frequency.
  • CommerceHealthcare COVID-19 Patient Lending Solution: A flexible program offering providers liquidity while complementing existing patient payment options. Provides patients an additional option to manage their medical bills with no interest or fees with longer term options.
  • CommerceHealthcare COVID-19 Supplier Payment Solution: Streamlines vendor payments and patient refunds. The program enables a remote workforce while providing additional revenue, removing paper payments and enhancing reconciliation.
  • CommerceHealthcare COVID-19 Receivables Posting and Reconciliation Solution: The technology platform streamlines the cash posting and reconciliation process, reducing costs. It integrates with all revenue systems, including EPIC, and enables a remote workforce. 
  • Conifer Health Solutions – Patient Enrollment and Advocacy: With the significant increase in the uninsured population, providers can benefit from additional expertise to help uninsured patients identify and secure available options for healthcare coverage or other financial assistance by matching eligible patients with federal, state or other third-party coverage plans to secure coverage and ease financial burden during this critical time. Learn more here
  • DaVita Inc.DaVita IKC Value-Based Kidney Care Partnership Case Study: COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of providing holistic care aimed at preventing and managing kidney patients’ health. In response to the growing cost of patients with end stage kidney disease (ESKD), a national commercial payor partnered with DaVita Integrated Kidney Care (DaVita IKC) in a 50-50 shared savings program to manage the total cost and quality of care. This case study reports the results of program year one’s multifaceted approach to value-based care.
  • GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Scalable Resources: Billing and increased collections, reduction in coding backlogs
  • HuronImmediate Actions for Streamlining Reimbursement with Payors: Consider taking these immediate actions with payors to reduce administrative friction, protect revenue and maintain financial stability.
  • JvionCOVID Employer Recovery Package – Inform back to work strategies by Identifying and managing COVID-related risk for employees. 
  • Kaufman Hall COVID-19 Rolling Forecasting Guide – practical playbook and checklist for leveraging rolling forecasting in the COVID-19 crisis.  
  • Kaufman Hall COVID-19 Treasury and Capital Markets Guide – monitoring and planning guide to track long term Treasury functions, including treasury department platform, treasury operations, external capital, and resource allocation. 
  • Kaufman Hall COVID-19 Financial Recovery Services – determine the full extent of the financial damage of COVID-19, develop a long-term financial recovery plan, and begin the highly complex process of securing funding from government agencies and other sources. 
  • Milliman MedInsight Frameworks and Considerations for COVID-19 related analyses: Whitepaper providing guidance on analysis to understand the impact of COVID-19 on utilization, cost and population health 
  • Milliman MedInsight Milliman MedInsight COVID-19: MedInsight’s coordinated response with resources on COVID-19 
  • Milliman MedInsight Navigating a Global Pandemic: Resources from Milliman researchers on how coronavirus will transform healthcare, retirement and insurance 
  • R1RCM COVID-19 Regulatory Resource Center: provides updates on critical issues, including CMS and HHS updates, CARES Act, COVID-19 revenue cycle operations, telemedicine, Medicare’s expanded accelerated payment program, and practitioner tips. In support of physician services’ customers, R1 provides regular consultation and guidance on telemedicine billing and coding, CMS Advanced Payments, and Payroll Protection Program guidance.
  • SUTHERLAND – Revenue Cycle Management and Coding:Leverage RPA and healthcare domain expertise to drive results, such as improved denial avoidance and maximize cash collections. Sutherland RCM solves your professional and facility coding needs – reduce DNFB, guaranteed quality, defined turn-around times, and global delivery led cost savings. 
  • SUTHERLAND – Contact Center: Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to improve patient experience and increase revenue. Sutherland’s human-centric technology contact center solutions offer healthcare providers and payors an end-to-end global delivery model while improving processes across scheduling (virtual visits), early out self-pay (customer service), and benefits enrollment (membership retention/acquisition). 
  • SUTHERLAND – Design Thinking: San Francisco and London Design Labs support innovation and transformation. Six Sigma process experts, UI/UX Designers, and skilled Healthcare domain experts create bespoke experiences for customers, leveraging best practices such as customer journey mapping and business process optimizations to drive measurable business outcomes at scale. 
  • VisitPay – Patient Communication: New alerts and communication options make it easier for patients to find critical COVID-19 updates across the bill-paying experience, and encourage patients to use online communication methods like chat and secure messaging to resolve financial questions. 
  • VisitPay Payment Flexibility: Our provider clients are now able to make it easy for their staff and patients to arrange payment holidays, defer the start date of a payment plan, reduce a monthly payment, and offer more flexible payment options. 

Surge Response Solutions

Care Pathways and Clinical Workflows

  • AppianThe COVID-19 Response Management  application is an enterprise command center for employee health status and locations, facility COVID-19 exposures, employee to employee assistance, corporate policies, global reporting, and more.
  • Appriss HealthOpenBeds: Is a behavioral health platform that helps health systems create trusted treatment and referral networks to improve support and care delivery. It identifies and tracks services to facilitate rapid digital patient referrals for treatment.
  • Central LogicCOVID-19 Triage & Response: 12-hour implementation for COVID-19 case handling. Manage incoming inquiries; triage based on mandated guidelines; balance load; & report accurately. 
  • Central LogicRegional Access Center: Solution for states & regional emergency management task forces to orchestrate patient access and manage critical resources thru COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Cerner Corporation – Surge capacity guide: A guide outlining response strategies aligned with the Plan, Build, Supply and Staff, and Operate framework across different venues of testing and care 
  • Cerner CorporationSolution recommendation guide: Cerner Assist can help organizations facilitate mobile workflows and communications for those experiencing staffing and/or technology limitations 
  • Davita – DaVita Hospital Services Webinars: Learnings from COVID in the Hospital Setting: David Mahoney, MD, chief medical officer for DaVita Hospital Services, shares clinical takeaways from treating patients with COVID-19 across a national network of nearly 1,000 on-site operations.
  • Davita – Predictive Analytics Can Help Drive Better Outcomes and Lower CostsThis predictive analytics one-pager provides insight into how DaVita is transforming kidney care with innovations in predictive modeling. It offers both insight into DaVita’s ability to develop proven models as well as explores how they’ve helped care teams deliver improved outcomes—including results for a Hospitalization Risk Model that was presented at this year’s ASN conference.
  • EvidenceCareCOVID-19 Care Pathways: Digitized, consumable, and interactive pathways to help clinicians in the trenches diagnose and treat COVID-19. Access the pathways now. For more information, click here.
  • Pacira BioSciencesEnhanced Recovery After Caesarean Delivery: Multimodal pain management with long-lasting, non-opioid EXPAREL improves recovery after C-section. Improved recovery and reduced risk of infection is directly tied to reduced time spent in the hospital.
  • Pacira BioSciencesIovera: Targeted cryoanalgesia for immediate and long-lasting non-opioid pain relief for Total Knee Arthroplasty and Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Pacira BioSciencesInnovation Hub: Features on-demand education covering a broad spectrum of topics designed to stimulate conversation and spark novel thinking in health care 
  • VoceraVocera Platform: The Vocera platform is critical for managing clinical operations staff during this pandemic. It enables doctors, nurses, and other staff to communicate quickly with meaningful patient, event, and care team context inside and outside the hospital, improving bed access, capacity, and operational efficiency.
  • Zebra Technologies – COVID19 Heroes Alternative Care Facilities: Solutions to optimize care delivery in alternative-care facilities by replicating critical workflows used inside standard, acute-treatment medical facilities

Supply and Resource Management

  • AppianCOVID Response App — Command and Control: Patient and Workforce Tracker:Coordinate multiple cross-functional tasks toguide compliance and control, including:facility sanitization, PPE supply level tracking at not only facility levels but also floor/unit levels, and employee health checks. 
  • Appriss HealthOpenBeds (COVID-19) Critical Resource Tracker: Helps hospitals track and automate on-time reporting of available critical beds, key personnel, and vital equipment for submission to HHS Protect.
  • Central LogicRegional Access Center: Solution for states & regional emergency management task forces to orchestrate patient access and manage critical resources throughout COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • KenSciKenSci RealTime Command Center: Capacity Planning, Ventilator Utilization and Bed Management for COVID-19, with population risk stratification, supply planning and patient encounter management.
  • LeanTaaS7 Step Approach to Regaining Operating Room Capacity: Provides tools to help hospitals capture surgeons’ backlogs, prioritize cases, and allocate open time that factor in the unique staffing, cases, and volume demands of each hospital. These tools, combined with iQueue for OR flexibility, have demonstrated significant value in communicating and optimizing OR capacity.
  • LeanTaaSElective Surgery Backlog Recovery Calculator: Gives hospitals the ability to model the length of time it will take the organization to complete the backlog of procedures postponed during a crisis. Users complete fields such as OR metrics pre-COVID-19, expected dates when OR capacity will return, and levers to accommodate surge volume and lost volume considerations. The tool then estimates how many months it will take to recover the surgery case backlog and predicts additional cases per month required.
  • Microsoft – Emergency Response – Track and gain visibility over critical resources like available beds and scarce supplies like ventilators and mask using Power Apps and Power BI.
  • Philips – COVID-19 Ventilators and respiratory solutions: help health systems manage COVID-19 patients needing invasive and noninvasive ventilation ranging from mid- to high-acuity. 
  • QventusFree Localized Model & Scenario Planner: Predict the impact of Covid-19 on your specific hospital with our SEIR and observed growth curve model, including impact of social distancing changes and mask compliance.
  • QventusCustom COVID-19 Planning Solutions – Elective Surgeries, PPE, & Post-Acute Demand: The Qventus Covid-19 planning solutions give hospitals visibility into immediate surge needs and future resource strains to be equipped to meet Covid demand and optimize operations in the next normal. Hospitals can proactively address needs such as restoring elective surgeries by forecasting available capacity and staffing needs, predicting daily Covid-19 discharge volumes to post-acute care facilities to create capacity for new admits, and PPE consumption and supply across the hospital.
  • QventusCritical Resource Mission Control and ICU & Med-Surg Capacity Creation: With hospitals looking to mitigate surge demand, Qventus Covid-19 capacity solutions can be deployed rapidly, in just weeks, to help Incident Command Centers find immediate opportunities to unlock capacity across the system – without adding to frontline burden. Qventus creates real time visibility for critical resources so that teams can rapidly orchestrate action and load-balance to mitigate constraints and allows hospitals to effectively identify candidates for stepdown and discharge across the facility.
  • VizientVizient’s COVID-19 Recources:  Vizient’s COVID-19 resources provide the latest clinical, surgical and pharmacy supply updates, including information from the Vizient Disaster Response team, suppliers, regulatory agencies and industry organizations, as well as our Surge Demand Calculator. 

Testing and Screening

  • Helix Human COVID-19 Response Research: Collaborative research program on the influence of genetics on COVID-19 response. Helix will sequence exomes of 200K COVID-19 patients and pair it with relevant clinical data from participating clinical and research organizations. All data generated will be accessible to approved researchers. 
  • Helix – COVID-19 saliva testing validation: Evaluating self-administered saliva collection for COVID-19 testing versus NPS. Saliva has several advantages, incl. patient self-collection (less contact w/frontline workers) and simplified, scalable workflows. 
  • Helix COVID-19 user research: Engaging several hundred thousand exome-sequenced Helix users to survey them about COVID-19 exposure, symptoms, and treatment to understand how genetics influences COVID-19 risk and severity. Please click here to contact Helix for additional details on any of the above initiatives.
  • Illumina  COVIDSeq IVD Test – First FDA EUA-issued next-generation sequencing (NGS) based high-throughput IVD workflow enabling the detection of SARS-CoV-2. COVIDSeq uses upper respiratory specimens, including a nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab, and delivers sample to result of 3,072 samples in 24 hours.
  • Illumina – Specific detection and characterization of SARS‑CoV‑2 and common respiratory viruses.Sequencing-based SARS‑CoV‑2 surveillance provides critical information on the breadth and evolution of the virus. We published an application note describing a target enrichment workflow for detection of SARS‑CoV‑2 simultaneously with a broad spectrum of respiratory viruses. 
  • Illumina – Software analysis solutions to combat COVID-19. Rapidly detect and identify SARS‑CoV‑2 viral sequence, and then contribute your findings to critical public resources with the new Illumina SARS‑CoV‑2 NGS Data Toolkit, available to the community free of charge on Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence Hub and with direct integration with Illumina’s full suite of sequencers. 
  • Jvion – COVID Patient Vulnerability List – Protect the most vulnerable patients by reducing risk of COVID exposure and mitigating complications of comorbidities
  • Philips – COVID-19 Remote screening and follow up solutions: enable health systems to track and follow patients with COVID-19 symptoms remotely and provide dashboard analytics that support remote screening of COVID-19 cases.
  • Zebra Technologies – COVID19 HeroesDrive-Through Testing Facilities: Solutions to optimize the throughput of COVID-19 drive-through specimen collection for safety, speed, and accuracy 
  • Zebra Technologies – COVID19 HeroesLaboratory Specimen Management: Solutions to enhance efficiencies in laboratory specimen management and reduce testing identification errors amidst high volume demands 

Virtual Health Solutions

Care Team Communication & Collaboration

  • Cerner Corporation Disaster documentation guide: A source for disaster checklists, standards of care pocket guides, and more.
  • Clearstep – Triage and Care Navigation White-Labelable Chatbot: A chat-based triage solution that can be configured for specific health system resources (including virtual visits and testing resources) to better route patients’ COVID and general symptom needs. 
  • HuronCOVID-19 Telehealth Essentials: Key steps to quickly establish or expand telehealth and virtual care capabilities. No matter how mature your organization’s telehealth program is, we encourage you to take these three steps now
  • Microsoft – Virtual Rounding – Facilitate secure and safe patient/clinician interactions through Virtual Rounding.  Similarly, using Teams you can connect patients with families.
  • PerfectServeClinical Communication & Collaboration (CC&C): Unified CC&C solution connects providers and care teams with the right people at the right time to respond more effectively to emergent situations.
  • Philips – COVID-19 Bedside and virtual critical care solutions including Tele-ICU: support health systems with surge capacity, quarantine, remotely managing patients in the ICU, and virtual clinical oversight through telehealth-enabled clinical logistics response.
  • VoceraVocera Badge and Smartbadge: These hands-free communication devices can be used under PPE, which reduces the times a clinician must don and doff it, helping reduce the risk of contamination and preserve this valuable resource.
  • Vyne Medical – Work from Home Solutions – an overview of essential work-from-home solutions from Trace®, currently used by thousands of healthcare employees, including systems to manage phone calls/voice, fax, document and image data. These proven solutions create a paperless end-to-end workflow and allow management to monitor the productivity and quality of all teams, remote or in-office. 
  • Vyne Medical –Work from Home Solutions Series – thought-leaders from The Mayo Clinic, Texas Health Resources and Moffit Cancer Center provide step-by-step guidance for creating a best-practice, virtual work program for patient access, revenue cycle, and operations personnel in this 3-part webinar series.  
  • Vyne Medical Work from Home in response to COVID19 – in this informative webinar, our panel of subject matter experts along with Lynne Hildreth, Director of Patient Access at Moffitt Cancer Center, discuss work-from-home solutions, benefits, and engage in a Q&A session responding to audience questions. 

Patient Triage and Communication

  • Appriss HealthOpenBeds: Is a behavioral health platform that helps health systems create trusted treatment and referral networks to improve support and care delivery. It identifies and tracks services to facilitate rapid digital patient referrals for treatment.
  • Conifer Health Solutions – Patient Outreach and Engagement Services: Provide additional 24/7 support to address patients’ questions about reopening plans and processes while assuaging patient fears about safety by educating them on changes in patient protocols and safety procedures. Conifer can support proactive outreach to patients regarding backlog or deferred treatments. Learn more here.  
  • Conifer Health Solutions – Care Management Services: As patients continue to defer treatment, Conifer can help providers’ identify and manage at-risk individuals and help coordinate their care plan with their doctors, health systems and ancillary services. Benefits include reducing care avoidance, preventing unnecessary emergency room admissions, eliminating duplicate services and coordinating fragmented care. Learn more here
  • GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Patient Contact Services: Fielding incoming patient calls and outbound calls and scheduling other essential patient services
  • HuronCreating a Virtual Contact Center: Steps to quickly shift call center agents to virtual work environments, stemming the spread and risk from COVID-19 while increasing safety, access to care and overall consumer and employee satisfaction. 
  • Iodine Software – Patient Triage and Escalation Support Tool (PTEST):  Our data science team leverage their machine learning expertise to our 20+ million inpatient admission database to develop a solution designed to better predict at-risk patients for significant pulmonary challenges, ICU admission and respirator support. This solution is available to new and existing customers, free of charge.
  • JvionCOVID Inpatient Triage Assessment Better manage patients to correct level of care with informed risk of respiratory failure and mortality for each patient.
  • LumerisCOVID-19 Patient Engagement Solutions: Leverage engagement resources to expand capacity through your EHR, the MyPCP™ texting outreach tool or Lumeris Population Health Managers.
  • Microsoft – Virtual Triage & Visits – Quickly assess/triage patients using the HealthBot and schedule/conduct virtual visits securely using Microsoft Teams.
  • Mytonomy Video Education Library for Covid-19:   Custom produced, Covid-19 video microlearning education including 46 videos in English and Spanish covering topics ranging from “How to stay safe,” and “The Anxieties of Self Isolation” all the way through content for specific at risk conditions like Diabetes & Hypertension.   
  • Mytonomy Patient Experience Cloud Lite:  Novel delivery system for categorizing, organizing and delivering video content and communication needs as well as gathering data on content use and engagement.  Includes Digital Triage & Symptom Checking for Covid-19.
  • Mytonomy Patient Experience Cloud for Patient Re-Entry:  Customizable configuration of PEC to facilitate re-engagement and acquisition of new and deferred patients. Utilizes digital tools and content configuration for deep engagement to reassure re-entering patients, educate on conditions/procedures in relation to Covid-19 protocols and drive next best action. 
  • PerfectServePatient & Family Communication (PFC): Patient engagement solution allows healthcare organizations to send patients and families relevant COVID-19 updates and instructions via text message.
  • R1RCM Patient Experience Remote Registration Technology and Services: Leverages a patient’s smartphone to perform registration without physical contact. During COVID-19, this technology has preserved personal protective equipment (PPE) and reduced cross-contamination of shared equipment, ensuring greater safety for patients and staff alike. 
  • VoceraPop-up Bed Location Support: Vocera can help hospitals quickly design and deploy communication solutions for pop-up bed locations to safely connect patients and care teams during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • ZocdocFree, Online Chat with a Nurse: Free service that supports patients seeking immediate medical advice. This also helps health systems reduce call volumes and unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office or ED.
  • ZocdocA Patient’s Guide to Coronavirus (COVID-19): A resource hub containing up-to-date information, guidance, and virtual care services for patients. 

Appointment Scheduling

  • PerfectServeProvider Scheduling: Provider scheduling solution generates optimized schedules and responds flexibly to changes to manage patient load fluctuations and mitigate burnout.
  • ZocdocAdd your Virtual Appointments to our Marketplace: Our new Video Visits service allows you to publish your virtual appointment availability on Zocdoc’s marketplace. Attract new patients, care for existing ones, and keep your digital doors open amid COVID-19. 

Telehealth Billing